Reading Wild

Reading Wild is a new literacy project within the award-winning Focus Wild Arizona wildlife education program. Our goal is to bring more informational texts into the science classrooms.

Many of the texts included in this program originated from the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Arizona Wildlife Views magazine. This magazineis published multiple times each year. Each issue of the magazine includes articles focused on wildlife and outdoor recreation in Arizona. We have selected a variety of articles that we feel have value in the K-12 classroom. These articles have been edited to cover multiple lexile levels.

You will also find some texts that are not from the magazine. In these cases, they have not been edited for multiple lexile levels. However, they do include text-dependent and critical thinking questions.

Some of the texts have been paired into sets. In these cases, the two or more texts are related to each other and the students are asked to read them together. Specific questions for the set have been created.

There are multiple ways to find these resources:

  • Click on the lexile level from the list to the LEFT.
  • Find a topic from the cloud to the LEFT and click on it.
  • Enter a term in the search box to the RIGHT.
  • Click on the newly added or most popular articles from the lists to the RIGHT.

We love to receive feedback. Let us know what you thought about the reading passage and the supplemental resources. Provide a comment on the appropriate article page.

Please visit the page again as we regularly add new passages.

You will also notice a tab at the top for Other Reading Resources. On this page, you will find a variety of other materials that you could bring into your classroom. Some have been developed by the Department and others are provided by other organizations.

For other educational resources related, please visit our Focus Wild Arizona homepage.